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Selecting a Memorial

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What you will need before you contact us

The information below will allow us to guide you through the monument order process easier and more efficiently.

  1. Name of Cemetery or location of where memorial is to be placed.
  2. Number & type of lots. Examples: single lots, single (double deep), double (side by side), 3 lots or more (family), Cremation, etc.
  3. Lot # and Section of your plot? (This will most likely be on the Deed to the plot). Bring the deed as some cemeteries are requiring a copy of the deed with any foundation order.
  4. Any size Restrictions from Cemetery or are of memorialization (Minimum and Maximum). QMI can help with this, but it helps to know ahead of time so you can come with some ideas. We always check with cemeteries before we manufacture anything.
  5. Who is the current lot owner (They will need to sign the Cemetery permit).
  6. How much is the foundation charge for the monument from the cemetery and is the foundation pre-poured? (The cemetery will have this information, but QMI can look it up as well).
  7. How many total people will be buried there? (This allows us to design the layout for the amount of lettering expected.)
Type of Memorial

Type pertains to the overall look of the memorial. Each cemetery has their own restrictions and regulations for each lot. So it would be helpful for you to find out what is allowed for your specific lot first. Quincy Memorials can help you with this as well, but it helps to know before you see us. Click on the links below to view examples of different types of memorials.

Size of Memorial

Size pertains to the overall dimensions of the monument. Each cemetery has its own restrictions and regulations for each lot. It would be best to find out what size monument is allowed in your selected lot before you go any further. Click the link below to view different sizes of monuments.

Color/Material of Monument

Typically granite, slate or marble are the 3 kinds of stone used for memorials. Of the 3, granite is the most durable, rated a 7/10 on the Moh’s scale (used to gauge hardness of substances). Due to marble and slate being softer and not as durable, granite is the recommended material for most memorials. There are many different kinds/colors of granite in the world and there are new forms of granite being discovered all the time. Pricing is determined by rarity, country of origin, and how easy it is to quarry quality pieces. Click on the link below to view some samples of different kinds of granite.

Shape/Top of Memorial

These days options for memorials are almost limitless. Options include shaping a stone to almost any form. Click on the links below to view some samples of shaped memorials.

Finish of Memorial

There are 4 main types of finish: Polished, Steeled (Unpolished), Honed, and Rough. A stone can be all polished, steeled, honed, or rough or can be any combination of the 3. Click below to see some examples of each.

  • Finish Examples
Carving/Design/Etching on Memorial

There are 5 types of carvings: Flat, Shape, Extra Deep, Sculpture, and Etching. Click below to see some examples of each.

Lettering/Font on Memorial

Lettering pertains to the font and size of lettering on the memorial and will be decided during the design process. Click on the links below to view some Font Types.

Layout, Panels, Extra Names, Future Names, Epitaphs

During this step, you will determine how ans where you would like to layout panels, extra names, and epitaphs. See below for some common layouts and Epitaphs. Not all layouts will work with all memorials, but QMI will recommend the best option based on the design chosen.

Additional Features

Click on the links below to view other options and additional products to add to your memorials.


10 KEY STEPS in the process of selecting a memorial

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