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“Just a simple internet search is all i did…took a while to figure out what I was looking for, i’ve not done anything like this…so having an internet site was the key…the steps along the process on there are really good and seeing all the examples too helps.”

— Kenneth A. Gritzan

“I visited the office for information. Ann could not have been more professional and helpful.”

— Lucille King

“Thankyou for making the Thanksgiving deadline!”

— Sidney McClure

“I was at the cemetery the other day the stone looks lovely.”

— Margaret M Delaney

“I want to thank you for the beautiful job your company did on my parents memorial especially coming through on such short notice. I was happy and proud that the FINNEGAN memorial stood above and apart from others in their section. It was a flawless memorial service and monument. Thank you!”

— Laurel Galvan

“Looks good Thank you”

— Ruth M Rainis

“Thank you I checked the lettering at the cemetery job well done.”

— Marguerite Connor

“Dear Mr. Poirier,

Thank you so much for your promptness and care in arranging for a marker for my mother’s grave.

You have helped me accomplish something I have been wanting to do for years.”

— Elizabeth McDonough Haigis


I just wanted to Thank you for taking such good care of me during this horrific time in my life. wanted. Thank you!”

— Mrs. Kushigian


Thank you, Great job!”

— Marsha Stevens

“Thank you Quincy Memorials For your generous donation towards the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!! Couldn’t have done it without your help!”

— Leanne Musgrove

“Dear Jeff, I went to the cemetery and saw the monument. We as a family are very impressed with the craftmenship.

Thank you for your assistance and recommendations during the design process. We are very happy with the finished Carter monument!”

— Sandra Carter

“Thank you. It is beautiful and exactly what we had in mind.”

— Denise Pineau

“You did a great job on the stone. I am very pleased with the outcome.”

— Mary Mahoney

“The plaque for our daughter is beautiful and I appreciate you hustle to get it in the ground by her birthday.”

— Ben Stout

“Thanks again for your help.  Attached is a picture of my family’s head stone.  The work was completed in a highly professional manner.  I really appreciate it.”

— Tom Weitbrecht


10 KEY STEPS in the process of selecting a memorial

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